The Chicago Blackhawks are a well-known ice hockey team founded and based in Chicago, Illinois. This team is a participant in the Central Division of the Western Conference of the National Hockey League (NHL). The team started out wearing black and white jerseys, but their colors changed by adding red to the jerseys in 1933. The logo of the Hawks is a Native American head in a circle with “Blackhawks Chicago” on it. The logo was altered throughout the years, but the Native American never changed.

The mascot of this team is currently Tommy Hawk. The fight song for this Chicago team is “Here Comes the Hawks!” A few songs have also been written after this team, including “Keys to the City” and “Chelsea Dagger”. Introduced in 1985 during the Campbell Conference playoff game at the Chicago Stadium, fans like to cheer and shout as the national anthem is being played. This is a way for the fans to support the Hawks, and this act started a tradition that is still done today.

The famous Chicago Blackhawks team started all the way back on May 1, 1926. It was first taken over by a previous football star Huntington Hardwick. However, only days after the NHL permitted Chicago into the league Frederic McLaughlin took his place. McLaughlin was the one who gave the Blackhawks their name after a Blackhawk Division he was in during World War I. The Blackhawk war division was named after a famous Native American from Illinois, Black Hawk. The team was named after the military division, but the team spelled their name as Black Hawk until 1986 when they switched to the Blackhawks. Illinois holds one of many national leagues that use Native American reference in their names. Along with the expansion franchise of the Chicago Blackhawks, the Detroit Cougars and the New York Rangers became national leagues in 1926 as well. McLaughlin knew that starting a hockey league would be hard, and he did it while also creating the first NHL team with a full lineup of American born hockey players.

With McLaughlin in charge of the Blackhawks, their first season on the ice was a good accomplishment. The team completed their first season in third place with a record of 19-22-3. They lost to the Boston Bruins in the 1927 first-round playoff series, but this Chicago team was just getting warmed up. McLaughlin had a lot of plans for this team, and he knew that they had what it took to make it all the way into first place.

Even though the coach of the Blackhawks saw success, the 1927 and 1928 hockey year was not a good one. The team only finished by winning seven games out of 44. In 1931, the Blackhawks got to go to their first Stanley Cup Final, but they wound up losing the last two games. Some people blame the first 39 years of the Hawks career on a sports curse made by an assistant coach of McLaughlin’s, Pete Muldoon. He allegedly told McLaughlin after he was fired that he was cursing the team.

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