Over The Years

The Blackhawks have had some great players over the years. Charlie Gardiner was the goaltender when the team won their first Stanley Cup in 1934. He still holds some records in the NFL. Gardiner was the first European born captain in the NFL and he was the first goaltender capital to win the Stanley Cup. Stan Mikita is the franchise leader in assists and the number of points scored. He played from 1958 to the 1980 seasons. Mikita played the position of center. Bobby Hull holds the record in the most goals scored for the Blackhawks. He helped the team win one of their Stanley Cup victories. Bobby played the LW position and he was a member of the team from 1957 to 1972. Tony Esposito is the leader for wins for the team as well as the shutout leader. He was the goalie and played with the team from 1969 t o1984. These made had their numbers retired by the Blackhawks.
There are some newer players that are working hard to make their name with the Blackhawks. The team is now actively recruiting players out of college. This is something that has become popular over the recent years. In the past it was not common for players to go to college and play at this level. Now college is a great way for young players to show the NHL what they have to offer. Some of the recent players on this team include Scott Darling who is a goalie and Patrick Kane. This team was able to sign Duncan Keith as well. Team center Brad Richards also helped the team in their most recent victory. The team send six players from the 2014-2015 season to the All Star Game. The team was also invited to play at the 2015 NHL Winter Classic game at the National Park in Washington D.C. While they did not win this game it was still an honor to be invited. The team even go to meet the President while they were in town.
The Blackhawks have a rich history and have seen their share of ups and down throughout the year. They were one of the first six original teams to play hockey in the NHL. The team started out being a winning franchise and then experienced some rough times. The Blackhawks faced some issues for their owners, from the press, and from the fans. This team is on its way to recovery. The Blackhawks have some great players and their management is trying to allow the team to be more accessible to fans. The team is even working with Native Americans to embrace their rich history as well as their namesake. The Blackhawks are working once again to be on top. They have done so with recent Stanley Cup victories and are still working to win this championship as well as the pride and respect of their fans.

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