Black, Red, and White

Many people recognized the jerseys of the Blackhawks as black, red, and white. The red was not introduced on the jerseys until 1933 when it was able to be printed on clothing. The early jerseys were barber pole styled until 1955. In the 1940s jerseys were introduced without the barber stripes and the logo underwent some changes. The Indian on the front had some cosmetic changes made to it due to improvements in printing. The uniform of the team has not seen any major changes since 1955. They have red uniforms with white and black stripes at the bottom of the player’s sleeves. There is also a white uniform with black and red stripes. The tomahawk logo on the sleeves has undergone some changes over the years but has not been changed since 1999. In 1977 the names of the player’s were added to the jerseys. This was due to the new rules in the NHL.
The logo for the Blackhawks was designed by Irene Castle. She was the wife of their first owner McLaughlin. The logo was a black and white Native American head. This head was inside of a circle. Over the years some changes were made to this logo. The first change was the removal of the circle and some changes to the head. In 2008 The Hockey New voted this mascot to be the best on in the NHL. In 2010 critics have stated that the logo is racially insensitive and the National Congress of American Indians have stated that the team is profiting from harmful stereotypes. In response to this players and officials from the Blackhawks have been working American Indian Centers to help education the community about Native Americans and shares information about the history and cultural information of this group.
There are some interesting traditions that fans of the Blackhawks follow. During the singing of the National Anthem the fans tend to cheer and applaud while the singing is taking place. They are not doing so to be disrespectful but this is something fans of this team do. This started during the 1985 Campbell Conference playoff game.
The team mascot is a Tommy Hawk. This is a hawk that has the Blackhawks four feathers on the top of its head. The hawk also has a team jersey on as well as a pair of hockey pants. A life size Tommy Hawk can be seen walking around on game day at the United Center. This figure has been with the team since the start. Recently the team mascot can be found on a number of items that are being sold as merchandise. The mascot will also lead the fans into “ Here Comes the Hawks” which is the fight song on this team. It was written in 1968 by J. Swayzee who was a fan. The song was then produced by the Dick Marx Orchestra and Choir. At the beginning of the stanley cup last year the power went out, and thanks to LA commerical electricians they saved the day and got the power back on!

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