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Professional hockey is a well liked and respected sport in the United States. There are many teams that play in the National Hockey League in hopes of winning the Stanley Cup. This Cup signified the best team in professional hockey for that season. Many major cities are home to professional hockey teams. The city of Chicago is home to the Blackhawks. This team was once known just as the Hawks and they represent this fine city as part of the Central Division of the Western Conference.

The NHL allows fans to enjoy the game of ice hockey. While the origins of ice hockey is unknown many believer that northern Europeans have been playing some form of this game for centuries. In the North America the NHL was formed back in 1917. The five teams that placed in this league were all from Canada. In the United States there were six teams, the Blackhawks being one of them. Today there are 30 teams that make up the NHL. The game is played on ice and the players wear skates. There are two teams. These teams try to get the hockey puck in the goal of the opposing team. There is a goalie who also tries to stop the puck from getting in the net. If the puck gets past the goal and into the net than the team scored a point. The team with the most points at the end of the game is the winner.

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Since the Blackhawks were was founded back in 1926 they have won six Stanley Cups. They are also considered to be one of the Original Six NHL teams. The team played the hockey games at the Chicago Stadium for 65 years. In 1994 the team moved to the United Center when they host home games in Chicago.

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The owner of the Blackhawks was Frederic McLaughlin. He owned this hockey team until 1944 when he died. He was a hands on owner who has a major input in how the team played. He fired many coaches that he felt were not doing the job properly. While he was owner the Blackhawks won two of their Stanley Cup Titles. He was an active leader and in addition to choosing a coach McLaughlin had no problem giving his input on how the team was doing. He also gained the support of the city of Chicago for this team.
The first seasons that the Blackhawks had under McLaughlin was only a moderate success. The first game was placed at the Chicago Coliseum against the Toronto St. Patrick’s. The teamed ended the season is third place but lost in the first round of the playoffs. The team has improved over the years. By 1931 they were in the first Stanley Cup Final game for this team. They did not win but continued their success into 1932. The team did not do well in the playoffs that year but continued to show improvements. By 1934 they saw their first Stanley Cup win beating the Detroit Red Wings.

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