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Black, Red, and White

Many people recognized the jerseys of the Blackhawks as black, red, and white. The red was not introduced on the jerseys until 1933 when it was able to be printed on clothing. The early jerseys were barber pole styled until 1955. In the 1940s jerseys were introduced without the barber stripes and the logo underwent some changes. The Indian on the front had some cosmetic changes made to it due to improvements in printing. The uniform of the team has not seen any major changes since 1955. They have red uniforms with white and black stripes at the bottom of the player’s sleeves. There is also a white uniform with black and red stripes. The tomahawk logo on the sleeves has undergone some changes over the years but has not been changed since 1999. In 1977 the names of the player’s were added to the jerseys. This was due to the new rules in the NHL.
The logo for the Blackhawks was designed by Irene Castle. She was the wife of their first owner McLaughlin. The logo was a black and white Native American head. This head was inside of a circle. Over the years some changes were made to this logo. The first change was the removal of the circle and some changes to the head. In 2008 The Hockey New voted this mascot to be the best on in the NHL. In 2010 critics have stated that the logo is racially insensitive and the National Congress of American Indians have stated that the team is profiting from harmful stereotypes. In response to this players and officials from the Blackhawks have been working American Indian Centers to help education the community about Native Americans and shares information about the history and cultural information of this group.
There are some interesting traditions that fans of the Blackhawks follow. During the singing of the National Anthem the fans tend to cheer and applaud while the singing is taking place. They are not doing so to be disrespectful but this is something fans of this team do. This started during the 1985 Campbell Conference playoff game.
The team mascot is a Tommy Hawk. This is a hawk that has the Blackhawks four feathers on the top of its head. The hawk also has a team jersey on as well as a pair of hockey pants. A life size Tommy Hawk can be seen walking around on game day at the United Center. This figure has been with the team since the start. Recently the team mascot can be found on a number of items that are being sold as merchandise. The mascot will also lead the fans into “ Here Comes the Hawks” which is the fight song on this team. It was written in 1968 by J. Swayzee who was a fan. The song was then produced by the Dick Marx Orchestra and Choir. At the beginning of the stanley cup last year the power went out, and thanks to LA commerical electricians they saved the day and got the power back on!

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After McLaughlin died the Norris family look over as owners of the team. They were also the owners of the Chicago Stadium where the games were held. They allowed Bill Tobin to make the decisions of the teams until he left the to run another professional hockey team. James D. Norris took over as owner of the team after James E. Norris died. Norris Jr. took an active role in how the team was managed and who was in charge of the players. Under Norris Jr. the team won another Stanley Cup title in the year 1961.
During this time the Blackhawks had some great young players. Bobby Hull would not only set records for the team but make it into the Hockey Hall of Fame along with Pierre Pilote. While under the active rule of Norris the team made it into the Stanley Cup game four times. In 1966 there was a threat that the Blackhawks would be moved to St. Louis since Norris owned the St. Louis Arena. Before the move the Blackhawks would come under new ownership.
The team did well under Norris until his dead in 1966. At this time the Wirtz family became the owners of the Blackhawks. The team had made a number of playoff appearances during this time. They have also finished near the top of their conference in several seasons under the direction of owner Bill Wirtz. Rocky Wirtz took control of the team in 2007. While many people say that he discouraged fan interest the team did very well. They won three Stanley Cups and has some great players.
All was not well at first for the Blackhawks. In 2004 there were considered to be the worst franchise in professional sports. Bill Wirtz did not allow the home games to be broadcasts to the fans in Chicago. He stated that was unfair to the people that have purchased season tickets. The price of the average ticket was also raised. It was $50 for one ticket to get into a game .This was the most expensive price in the NHL. This caused many fans to turn from the Blackhawks and become fans of the Chicago Wolves.
All was not lost for the Blackhawks, Dale Tallon took over as general manager of the team. He signed Stanley Cup winner Nikolai Khabibulin to the team. During the 2004-2005 season the team finished the second worse in the NHL. The Blackhawk team spend a lot of money looking for new talent and the signing of free agents. By 2006 Wirtz died. His son Rocky took over the team and he changed some of the policies that his father had in place.
Rocky signed a deal with Comcast Sports in Chicago to allow fans in the area to see the game from their home. All of the regular season games were broadcast for the local audience. John McDonough from the Chicago Cubs became the new president of the team. He has improved marketing strategies’ for the team in hopes to win back some of the local fans. By 2010 the team was back in the playoffs and had a number of new and talented players. They were so good that they made it to the Stanley Cup and won the game, This was the first time they had won this championship game since 1961. They won this championship again during the 2014-2015 season.


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Professional hockey is a well liked and respected sport in the United States. There are many teams that play in the National Hockey League in hopes of winning the Stanley Cup. This Cup signified the best team in professional hockey for that season. Many major cities are home to professional hockey teams. The city of Chicago is home to the Blackhawks. This team was once known just as the Hawks and they represent this fine city as part of the Central Division of the Western Conference.

The NHL allows fans to enjoy the game of ice hockey. While the origins of ice hockey is unknown many believer that northern Europeans have been playing some form of this game for centuries. In the North America the NHL was formed back in 1917. The five teams that placed in this league were all from Canada. In the United States there were six teams, the Blackhawks being one of them. Today there are 30 teams that make up the NHL. The game is played on ice and the players wear skates. There are two teams. These teams try to get the hockey puck in the goal of the opposing team. There is a goalie who also tries to stop the puck from getting in the net. If the puck gets past the goal and into the net than the team scored a point. The team with the most points at the end of the game is the winner.

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Since the Blackhawks were was founded back in 1926 they have won six Stanley Cups. They are also considered to be one of the Original Six NHL teams. The team played the hockey games at the Chicago Stadium for 65 years. In 1994 the team moved to the United Center when they host home games in Chicago.

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The owner of the Blackhawks was Frederic McLaughlin. He owned this hockey team until 1944 when he died. He was a hands on owner who has a major input in how the team played. He fired many coaches that he felt were not doing the job properly. While he was owner the Blackhawks won two of their Stanley Cup Titles. He was an active leader and in addition to choosing a coach McLaughlin had no problem giving his input on how the team was doing. He also gained the support of the city of Chicago for this team.
The first seasons that the Blackhawks had under McLaughlin was only a moderate success. The first game was placed at the Chicago Coliseum against the Toronto St. Patrick’s. The teamed ended the season is third place but lost in the first round of the playoffs. The team has improved over the years. By 1931 they were in the first Stanley Cup Final game for this team. They did not win but continued their success into 1932. The team did not do well in the playoffs that year but continued to show improvements. By 1934 they saw their first Stanley Cup win beating the Detroit Red Wings.

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